Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach
Founder & head of Display Lab @ Pforzheim University

  • Renowned expert in conceptual and technical R&D for display technologies, display systems, optical measurements, LEDs and related applications.
  • Proven ability to transfer early stage projects to prototypes and evaluation for series production.
  • Consultant to various companies to identify new/promising display technologies, methods, approaches and improvements needed for customers’ requirements.

Papers | Presentations & Talks | Press (in preparation)

Networking activities & memberships

Conferences, fairs etc. are the perfect place to stay tuned as an expert and networking.

  • Chairman “electronic displays Conference” (edC), Nuremberg
  • Honorary Chairman since 2020 of “Displayforum” (DFF e.V.), an industrial display network with ~100 members; activities on automotive and industrial displays. Member of the board since 2000 (foundation); chairman 2011-2020
  • Member of “Automotive/Vehicular Displays and HMI Technologies” (AVDH) committee @ Society for Information Display (SID) for “Display Week”
  • Member of “International Committee for Display Metrology” (ICDM) of SID;
    chair of “automotive displays” group
  • Member of ISELED alliance, a network for advanced automotive interior lighting (RGB LED systems)

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