Welcome to Display Lab

Prof Dr Karlheinz Blankenbach

We evaluate & measure your display, LED, optical system … & prototyping

Our expertise covers LCDs, OLEDs, E-Paper and (RGB) LEDs, display systems, optical measurements, evaluation, prototyping etc. Details see our papers and presentations.
We offer as well consultancy, expert reports, assignments and workshops.


  • Special Topic at SID Display Week 2022: “Outdoor Displays” incl. “Monday Seminar” provided by Karlheinz Blankenbach. Display Lab has three contributions at the Symposium.
  • All about optics: DGaO Jahrestagung, 07. – 11. June 2022 @ , Pforzheim University
  • electronic displays Conference 2022 (edC), Nuremberg, new date: 22-23 June 2022 as live/onsite event with a huge number of great presentations. Program (incl. abstracts and bios of authors) is published on our website
  • Workshop/seminar (pdf) on optical measurements principles and displays/light guides – new date: 28-29 Sep. 2022 @ Pforzheim University organized by Photonics BW