Welcome to Display Lab

Prof Dr Karlheinz Blankenbach

We evaluate & measure your display, LED, optical system … & prototyping

Our expertise covers LCDs, OLEDs, E-Paper and (RGB) LEDs, display systems, optical measurements, evaluation, prototyping etc. Details see our papers and presentations.
We offer as well consultancy, expert reports, assignments and workshops.


  • electronic displays Conference 2021 (edC) will be full digital – one week of display innovations 1st – 5th March 2021. 9 outstanding keynotes and ~50 presentations are really worth to attend online. Register now!
  • Our papers (& presentations) on automotive camera monitor systems & display supervision @ SID’s Vehicle Displays Detroit and IDW (Japan) have both won a “Best Paper Award”.
  • New students in the display lab are working on touch-less touch, human robot interaction, multi-view 3D display, RGB luminance vs. perceived brightness for automotive interior lighting …