Welcome to Display Lab

Prof Dr Karlheinz Blankenbach

We evaluate & measure your display, LED, optical system … & prototyping of demonstrators, proof-of-concept, user studies …

Our expertise covers LCDs, OLEDs, E-Paper and (RGB) LEDs, display systems, optical measurements, evaluation, prototyping etc. Details see our papers, presentations, flyer and overview incl. recent projects.
We offer as well consultancy, expert reports, assignments and workshops.


  • electronic displays Conference 2023 was a huge success! A big thank to all presenters and attendees as well as to WEKA and Nuremberg Fair.
  • Presentation @ ICDT China on April 3, 2023, Session 46: “Invited Paper: LCD Innovations vs. OLED Performance for Automotive Applications”
  • Presentation @ DVN Interior Köln Workshop, Cologne, April 25-26, 2023 on “Improving Traffic Safety by Directional Augmentation via RGB LED Matrix Display”
  • “All about Outdoor Displays” – Special Topic @ SID Display Week, May 23 – 25, 2023 in Los Angeles – a must for all involved in e-signage, DOOH …
  • Presentation @ SID Display Week on May 24, 2023, Session 34: “Augmented Information by Graphics Pillar-to-Pillar RGB LED Display at the Base of the Windscreen: Design, Measurements & Evaluation”
  • Workshops:Optical (Display) Measurements“, 13/14 Sep. 2023, Pforzheim University by Photonics BW. “Basiswissen Displays”, “flyer from 2021”, 16 Nov 2023, Darmstadt by Photonics Hub.