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  • We evaluate your display, LED, optical system …
  • Our expertise covers LCDs, OLEDs, E-Paper, (RGB)LEDs, display systems, optical measurements, prototyping etc.
  • Details see our papers and presentations. We offer as well consultancy, expert reports, assignments and workshops/seminars.

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Optical measurements

  • Luminance, contrast ratio, gray scale/gamma, color
  • Ambient light, life time incl Burn-In & Sticking Image, response time, spectra …

Displays & LEDs

  • LCDs: Segmented, Passive Matrix, Active Matrix
  • OLEDs as an emissive technology (life time …)
  • E-Paper as reflective technology (reflectivity …)
  • LEDs: white for illumination; RGB for special effects

(from hours to days)

  • Advanced automotive ASIL display system
  • RGB LEDs for automotive interior lighting
  • New e-paper technology from fundamentals to prototypes and promotion …

(from hours to years)

  • Design and optimization of systems with displays
  • “Critical” review of your idea, project …
  • Discussions with your customer, client …
  • What is the best display technology for your application?
  • Which parameters are relevant?
  • Mediation in case of …

Workshops, seminars ...
(from hours to days)

  • Introduction (fundamentals) of displays
  • Optical display measurements
  • Display systems incl. interfaces …

We can tailor projects to your needs via Pforzheim University, Steinbeis (transfer to industry), university collaborations …

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